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Here we go! The 2014 season is just around the corner, and we're stoked to be coming into our 10th year of running the most progressive, professional and rewarding snowboarding training programs and camps in Australia. In this time, TSC has organically grown a pathway that suit the Aussie snowboarder, and caters for each riders goals and aspirations. Our site is still new, but in time it will grow to become a major resourse for up and coming riders in the country. So stay tuned, check back often, and most importantly, enjoy your riding.

Latest News

  • Best start in years at Thredbo & Buller


    Yes, just over a week ago, finding a flake of snow in Australia would have been a mission. 8 days later, and we've kicked off the season in some of the best conditions this decade. We have over 40 kids spread between Mt Buller, VIC and Thredbo NSW, and all have been enjoying August conditions in June. 

    At Thredbo, we've seen over a metre of snow fall since the start of the camp, and the riders and coaches have been shredding runs they usually don't ride in peak season. It's been an ideal start from a coaches point of view, as they've been able to ride the kids super hard and really get the lactic acid turning over in their legs. Nothing like heavy Aussie powder to brush off the cobwebs.


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  • For the parents that think outside the square

    We were sent this article which defines certain benefits for students spending time out of the classroom. Our Term1 Academy program in Breckenridge Colorado runs to a similar understanding of this educational breakthrough. We have also been recently informed that the success of some of our academy students when returning to main stream education has been outstanding with many seeing improvements in study routine and attitude. Including some even making top 3 in their year level. This is a great read and watch if you like to think outside the square as a parent. 

What You Think

  • “From the first time we met Jarrod and Christine, early one September morning in the Abom on the first try out day, we knew you were a very special couple. You take young people, and get them to believe in themselves. Yourselves and Liam’s coaches probably know him better than most, he can be quite random and needs to be constantly occupied. When he attended the camps and living in the house, there were many benefits; learning skills of sharing, being away from our home, coordinating gear etc; were all real life building skills, easy for some and challenging for Liam. Through this time your coaching, enthusiasm and high standards, on and off the snow, have benefited Liam in his formative years.”.

    Helen Sieker, Parent
  • "My son, Nicholas, was new to TSC at the beginning of our 2007 winter. He knew Jarrod and Christine well and they certainly knew Nicholas. As a new parent to TSC, I was starting from scratch. I only have songs of praise for these two wonderful people.

    They truly have the best interest of the athlete at heart and are totally committed to providing the best possible coaching and teaching a positive philosophy to snowsports. They reinforce self belief and provide excellent care to those athletes who are fortunate enough to become members of the Sawmill household. I am sure that TSC will continue to be a positive experience by my son."

    Jenny Wood, Parent
  • "I have 3 children all involved in Junior freestyle snowboarding both in Australia and Internationally. I have found the TSC program to be the most progressive, passionate and professional program around. I'm sure we will be involved for many years to come."

    Nicole Staveley, Parent

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